Title: Zooloretto

System: iPhone/iPod-Touch

Release: April 2009

Zooloretto - Board Game

Zooloretto, created as a family game, belongs to the most famous board games worldwide.









Use the touchscreen to drag and drop animals and vending stalls into your zoo

Drag the ”roller blind" from the top to gain an overview of your zoo and the zoos of the other players

Unlock new player characters and future add-ons in the integrated shop

3D-view for zoos, animals und vending stalls

Animations and sounds of the animals makes you feel like you are in a zoo

Learn exciting details about all animals from the game in the encyclopedia

Play against the computer or up to 4 other players (Pass'n Play)


In Zooloretto each player uses small, large, wild and exotic animals and their young to try attracting as many visitors as possible to their zoo.

But be careful - the zoo must be carefully planned. Before you know it, you have too many animals and not enough room for them. That causes negative points! Luckily, you can expand your zoo.

Awards: Germany

“Spiel des Jahres 2007”

Awards: USA

Best "Family Game" and best "Children Game"
Golden Geek Award 2007
Nominated - "GAME OF THE YEAR 2008"

Awards: Japan

"Japan Boardgame Prize 2007 - Best Foreign Game for Beginners"

Awards: Australia

"Game of the year 2007"